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Friday, January 4, 2013

January is finally here....

I have discovered Squidoo and I love it! For some reason I get a bit more wordy when writing in those lenses than I can here. However, for the moment, I'll keep this blog going to. Maybe I can figure out how to link it. This first week of January I have spent time teaching my granddaughters what art journaling is all about, and planning for the meet-up I am having on January 19. In addition, instead of "spring cleaning" I tend to do my organizing and changes after New Year's. I bought a new RED bed quilt and sham set, cleared out stuff I am never ever going to use, and am putting together a lot of "stuff" to sell on eBay, in one big pile. If it doesn't sell, it goes as a donation of art supplies to some worthy group. I have much more than I have time to use.
I do so enjoy drawing again. And collage is a part of it, but not so much. I still struggle with focal points, just as I struggle with focus in my own life. It's not a secret to anyone who knows me well! There's so much to do, and I want to do it all. It's why my New Year's resolutions include the words "It doesn't have to be done today." Journals are being categorized and placed on shelves as they get finished; boxes are being labeled. And I have a big box now, labeled "all things Christmas," which includes rubber stamps, cardstock, rub-ons, ribnons, stickers, paper, embellishments... and I will leave it all alone until about July when I start preparing for the inevitable art fairs that come along in November or December. Onward!!

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