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Friday, October 10, 2014

Am I getting old or what??

Today is one of those days when I am ready to sell my studio -- a 12x20 Tuffshed complete with insulation, shelving, air conditioner, and over $10k worth of tools and art supplies -- all for $20,000.

The thing is, you'd have to move it.

Once in awhile I get like this.  Overwhelmed with all the things I could do out here, but wondering why I do it.  I spend at least one day a month organizing so I can go from one activity to a different one, and when I do that I find things I forgot I had.  I would say that easily 30% of my time is spent looking for things.  This has become very annoying.  Stressful.  Makes me want to scream.

Yep, this is that kind of day.

I just finished making (and dressing) about half a dozen polymer clay dolls, in several different sizes from 11" to 20".  I have some wood pieces I want to refinish, and printer's trays that I want to collage things into.  As I have worked on these other projects I have created a pile of "ephemera" for this project.  Yet I like to finish with any given project before I start a new one.

In 2014 I have done wood carving, made little houses, painted a bunch of paintings using the styles of Glenn Farquhar at Art Fusions  after downloading a few of his lessons.  Oh, and then my granddaughters used this computer and it crashed, so if I want to see those lessons again I'll have to go download them again.  Haven't done that yet.

I have accomplished a few things today.  I guess I should be satisfied with that, and go see if the Roku came today.