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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making jewelry (Who, me?)

Okay, so I got distracted. I definitely didn't get the stuff done that I intended. But I found another rabbit trail to run down and finally got my website changed. I was having major issues with getting Yahoo on the phone, so I just took down the site I was trying to update and built a new one. It's not done, but it's operable. The new rabbit trail I found was making hardware jewelry. Not an original idea, but one I found fascinating. Then yesterday I spent the entire day trying to solder two pieces together. I followed the instructions (all except the one about adequate ventilation. No fans around, no window.) but I couldn't get the solder to melt... except when I finally would get a solder puddle, it was in the wrong place, then no more melting. I'll keep trying. Meanwhile, here's a photo of some of the jewelry I made, and I am thinking about taking it to Canton for the November and December First Mondays. Let me know what you think! I like it and have been wearing a different one every day.
Now, reboot, back to painting fabric.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beautiful blue skies today...

When I walked out to the studio today I noticed the clear blue skies... and yes, it has been colder. But the north wind must have blown away something because the skies look as clear as West Texas skies. Beautiful. So, armed with that view, I went into the studio and did not come out until 5 p.m. And there's no bathroom in there! But I had a lot to do. I worked on my several websites and Hub Pages and painted some fabric (I only have room to let one piece dry at a time) and photographed tons of things I have been procrastinating about. So, I have new plans for tomorrow: I will actually paint something new. I have several collage pieces in the works, and some pages to prepare for art journals I bind and sell, so my day is lined up for tomorrow. I have to ask for help to get the trash out, and some of the dozen or so boxes I have been saving, just to make more room. And I have a place to clean my stamps now, and finally have all the Etsy inventory photographed to be used there or elsewhere. It was a good day. I hope to have two in a row!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy, busy Sunday

I have joined the Sketchbook Challenge, Art Every Day challenge, gotten a couple of modules going on Squidoo, and even signed up for the Sketchbook Project 2013. I truly am feeling optimistic.