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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Hoarder's Key to Organizing

I really have been working overtime for the past week and a half, trying to clear out surfaces, old drawers I haven't touched in months, boxes I've stored some things in haphazardly, all the "gonna use someday" stuff... and finally I got down to the project I am working on presently, which is gessoing lots of pages for about five art journals that I have going on.

So today, with the last of the detritus, little stuff... I made myself a promise: if I haven't found a place to put it in a journal by the end of the day, OUT IT GOES!  So I will be busy all day, actually creating collage art.

And the funny thing is, that's when my art is at its best.  I am very pleased with what is happening so far with these pages. 

Clutter doesn't help me, mentally (or physically either, as it turns out, as I exacerbated an old herniated disk this week lifting big containers to high shelves) so I know I will have some great art to show off as a result of this resolution!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just another magic Sunday

Today has started out much better than yesterday.  I was feeling sorry for myself, and "morosing" all over my art journals.  I did get a video made, although it's not the best I've done.  I am sure I will do it over, but it was on my "overdue" list of things to do.

I discovered another mixed media artist this morning, via my email, and I plan to watch his dvd.  His name is Seth Apter, and he "speaks" to me in a way that I can understand, and many of things he does and has said are as though he has been shadowing me.  It's wonderful to find reinforcement and support from others on similar paths.

My test of the Derwent Artbars against Faber-Castell Gel Sticks is what yesterday's video was about.  There are many more things to be done with the Art Bars than what I showed, so my next video will explore more of  the neato things they offer.  But after all, it's watercolor.  Not acrylic, so unless you mix the last layer with a bit of acrylic medium of some sort, it is forever water soluble. ( Not a good idea, if you are getting caught in the rain, for instance.)

These gel sticks are "like buttah" - but as I say in my video, more like Chapstick.  Great for covering large areas in a hurry. My challenge:   I have to learn not to be in a hurry.