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Friday, June 8, 2012

Clearing the decks...

I decided this week, during one of my one-on-one therapy sessions (me to myself) that what I really need to do is clear some of the detritus from my life.  Both physically and mentally.  So, I got the dog groomed, vacuumed away all the stuff she has dragged under the bed, and decided at long last to sell some of the equipment I have.  Not that I haven't been using it, it's that I've been scattered. 

Okay, scatter-brained.  So, I feel much better, even having just made that decision.

I've been hand-sewing at night, too.  It's relaxing, calming while I watch political talk shows and the participants tear away at each other.  I've even been watching a bit of CNN.  Believe me, I'd watch something else if  there was anything; last week I actually watched three movies in succession, but I realized I had seen them all before.  I much prefer YouTube, and if there was a way to surf Pinterest while sewing, I'd do that too.

My Etsy shop has been updated with wood charms and cute little buttons that I am making with the laser engraver, and I've organized all my stamps so that I can find the ones I want without stressing myself out!  In other words, I am really, really trying to do just one thing at a time.  It's hard for me.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We Crafters are Funny if not always organized

Today in one of the many Yahoo groups I subscribe to, there was a brilliant post that I certainly could identify with... we crafters are avid shoppers!  So, with her permission, I am including her post  here.  And I couldn't have said it any better.


Quiet lurker here....but someone finally asked a question fit for someone who is OCD.  Here is my take on "things I learned"

1 - really,really look up what certain things do...for instance if there is only one technique you wanted to do...skip it..make sure it is a product that you can get the most versatility from. I googled and YouTube products to death before making a purchase. Even ask in groups what their opinion is if you have several options and not sure which one to get..I went through this AFTER buying my 3rd cutter!!!!! Should of asked first time around!

2 - if it's not on sale or clearance..don' t buy it LOL I really try to live by this motto!.. I really wanted a collection of distress whenever I drove by Michael's I would pop in take out my IPhone and get my coupon. Don't make trips only to save $$$..think of what the gas is it only takes a moment to pop in if you are driving by. Word of wisdom...walk in..get what you want and leave immediately. not browse!!!! OK, maybe every so often but you are there to save money --NOT binge shopping.. BTW in past 2 months I have acquired about 21 ?? distress adds up.

3 - stay on top of what you have purchased. When I started I did the notebook thing...few problems on why it didn't work for me. 1- you have to have it with you!!! 2 - as I mentioned I am OCD and when I have to skip a page or something or things are not in alphabetical or numerical order it drives me nuts...OK, everyone stop laughing. I cannot control myself really LOL. I was the type back in the day when you had phone books.. I was forever replacing it since drawing a line through a name drove me nuts. I have an IPhone..which I tell you I cannot live without..I get coupons and plus I found this amazing program...if you can get it on your phone..invest! !! It is called Bento and I absolutely love it cannot live without it.. and very easy learning curve to customize the sucker!!!

I have made an inventory group for every product...basically ...and I customized what I .id #, photo, if it is seasonal etc.. if you want more info just email me and I will gladly take time to explain all of the wonderful benefits. But main reason I love it..I take a photo of each I am in the store and want a new spellbinder (as if that never happens all the time (roflmaooo) well sometimes just not sure which the app and scroll through images to see which one would compliment what I have!! Did I mention I love it! If i am shopping for more ink...scroll through images to see what colors I have! Love it Love it!!! Oh yeah, the notebook thing.. I always seem to decided I wanted more info than I originally just cannot change it easily.. I can this way though.  I love it!!

Plus, and this is the kicker: I have really really bad luck..and this did happen. Driving down the street - with my HUGE tea container..that the puppy clumsily as he is (but he's really really cute so he's allowed mercy) knocked it over and of course landed exactly on my index cards....imagine ink...paper and tea..not pretty. Oh, I used the index cards that were punched and you put them in their own 3 ring binder for them...with dividers ...this way I could move around and keep things organized and had two sides if I needed...As much as it worked better than the notebook was cumbersome to me even still. But they are small and compact and easily changeable and reorganize.

4 - how I organize things to do... I started a blog for just that.. tutorials and ideas and I had them organized so that I could find things LOL there was none of my work just inspiration only. If you opt to do this..please please ask for permission before posting anyone instructions. .no matter if they are individual or is their work.. making tutorials is a lot of work so please give respect of asking..and once you finish it email to them for final approval. Some might not those who work for companies as this is how they get paid and are under contract and cannot allow their work shared..they will let you know how you can handle it. Now there is Pinterest and this site was created especially for me and my OCD!! I have a number of folders and each one I first make note on name of site ( I am really big on giving credit!!) then I make a note it there for myself. I love Pinterest. Keep in mind if you haven't used is very easy to go pin crazy...but don't...if you find a different tutorials and find the one you can that one. You can make unlimited categories so kinda think out ahead of time what you want. Some of mine are...stamping. ..dies... card ideas..techniques. ..crafting out of the box for those just really cool ideas but really where do they go?   LOL...I have one for favorite blogs...places to shop..etc... so kinda think about what you want.. I even have one for altering and so many more. I look at it as my own personal online organizer. And it is sooo soo easy to do: one click and you got it.

5 - tools..the big stuff.... This is just one example but think it explains it well.. I love textures and knew that was going to be a big thing for what machine to get. I googled..watched videos and asked in groups, and yes I will even call the manufactures of some products to ask specific questions if I am not 100% certain of...finally decided on a big shot..then I had to be patient for just the right sale. In the meantime I was collecting goodies to use in it (on clearance of course)..then after 4 months? I saw it...I got it 70% off with free shipping!!! Oh, you know I ordered it!!

6 - Patience...this is HUGE..I mean HUGE...don't impulse buy the latest trends..because a new one will be out soon. I try to wait for clearance..yep even on paper; it has to really really catch my eye for me to buy pads because if you look at pads, there is a lot of "junk" paper which is great for trying things...oh yeah...HUGE your ugly paper to try things out on..techniques. ..ideas.. whatever. .junk paper is perfect for that!! All the stores put paper on about $.10 a sheet or on sale at 6/$1.00 or sometimes 8/$ me I have huge over abundance of paper.. I have one holder just for my coordinations that I got a $.10 a sheet... I came home with a lifetime supply..the store was remodeling and needed it gone so I helped!

Where was I?  Patience...just be sales...find good places online to buy things _ I have a number of sites that I go to because of monthly sales and coupons..and free shipping. Hey, I am one serious frugal crafter.

7 - DIY...there are a lot of products out there..and believe me I have tons and tons of supplies..but if I can do it myself...sorry but I do..such as flower soft and glimmer..shimmer or whatever you want to call the mists . LOL.These are things I can do myself so I have money to spend elsewhere LOL and I do. Trust me.

Well, sorry this was so long...didn' t intend it to be. But these are a few things I learned or just do. Good luck!!

Jackie (Elfy)

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Consolidation has its virtues...

I find that I am a very visual creature.  With ADD.  So, if I have two or three blogs and three websites, this is becoming a problem!  So look for me to try to narrow these all down to one or two.  Maybe just one.  So, I have chosen Blogger, since it seems to be the one that Google prefers and keeps sending my videos to. 

I will be developing the Etsy shop (Collage Art Emporium) more this summer, so you can see and order if you want, my hand-made albums.  I am having a wonderful time learning them and incorporating my mixed-media techniques, acrylic painting and sewing all into one project at a time.

Please follow me by email and I promise not to bore you!  It will be much more fun than Twitter.