Things I like

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Little Red House in the Woods series

I find that I love little houses; I get all sorts of little house pictures through a Facebook link, and I have decided it's just okay to paint them. So I am doing lots of them!

Stocking up for Christmas Art Fair

Although I have posted many of my hardware jewelry items at my Etsy Shop (the name of which has now been changed to Friedell Art, just for consistency) I have made many, many more of the gorgeous pendants and am taking them to the Royce City Christmas fair on December 8. I will need a very, very large wheelbarrow! In addition to jewelry, since I'm so ADD-ish, I am taking hand-made watercolor Christmas cards, ATCs, paintings, fabric art, hand-made calendars for 2013 in three sizes, made from paperbags, chipboard and fabric, as well as a few Christmas photo albums in a 4x6 size. I just can't quit making stuff. So, just to keep from going absolutely nuts, I have scheduled my time to try to focus on one type of project at a time for a couple of days each week. Oh, and I also made some charm bracelets with Christmas ornament shapes from Shrinky Dink plastic and alcohol ink. I am thinking of doing a YouTube video about that. I am making my own washi tape and continuing my work on the Sketchbook project, as well as a few swaps, and sewing some fabric pieces (wall hangings) for gifts. It's a busy month for me and some days I just wear myself out completely!