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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Burridge Tree

While fiddling around on the Jerry's Artarama site, looking at brushes, I ran across the link to, and was inspired to sign up for at least a month.  I've been looking at all the acrylic abstract instructions, and found a few I really liked.  Bob Burridge of course, and also Joe DiGiulio.  Joe does a lot of videos for Jerry's.  I don't like to buy instructional DVDs because I only watch them once!  So these online memberships are perfect for me.

As a result I've been trying some new techniques this week, and it's really fun.  Just splashing paint around seems to be the Burridge style, while Joe is a bit more confined in his approach.  But I did learn something new from each of them.

I have found that no matter how long I have been painting (in my case, 9 years nearly full-time) when I watch one of these instructional videos, the information I glean from them is quite different from what I would have grabbed onto five or even six years ago.  There is always something I hadn't thought of before.

So I'm sharing my "Bob Burridge Tree" which he demonstrates in his video.  It's quite simple, really, and involves using up all the paint on your palette at the end of a session, and then doing negative painting.

Like I said, it's really fun!