Things I like

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I have travelled out of town again, and this time for my travel pack, I brought only watercolor materials. I do have my journals and pens and markers, but already I'm missing the distress paints and polymer clay.

Lately my studio time has focused on utilizing my collage stash to create backgrounds for large paintings which I can work on later, using molding paste and wood and chipboard pieces I have saved for "future" paintings. To get them attached to canvas and out of boxes has been the goal. I find that if these items and ephemera are packed away, I forget they exist.

My most recent projects have been making jewelry pieces from polymer clay. I have learned a lot about the medium and just like other things I create, I continue to learn and progress by actually doing the projects. Things can be reworked, repainted, and I have lots of plans. My favorite finish is the rust look and metal patinas, and it rarely looks like polymer clay when the pieces are finished. I love to make large and unusual beads.

I will put some of the de-stash supplies on Etsy or eBay when I get back to my studio.

While I am out of town I am using my camera a lot and want to spend more time develooing my Pinterest and Instagram collections. Watch this space!