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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Tuesday, I think.

Yesterday I dragged out the knitting looms and feel like making scarves for awhile, as I think about what I'm going to paint this year. Communication has always been a challenge for me, and this year is no different. In my journals I seem to be more free with expression than on paintings, where I feel "judged." (Could be why I never enter any paintings into competition.) This year I want to do a spectacular painting; one that I take weeks and weeks to complete. I love drawing figures, recognizable or not, and this "spectacular" painting will incorporate not only recognizable figures, but emphasize the texture that I love. The gallery lady last year said all my paintings are orange, and that shut me down for six months! Well, she's actually wrong because some of them are purple. Anyway, I love warm colors and can't help it! We use the palette we like, in any case, but I do want to experiment with different colors this year. Last year I spent a lot of time with paper arts, stamping, cutting and pasting. Therefore, I have a mountainous pile of collage pieces which I am selling as a lot on my website ( and plan to put some on eBay. I have to de-stash somehow. I have more than I will ever ever ever have time to use.