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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rug Hooking - a new challenge

In my attempt to use up the supplies I have on hand, (so as to make room for more, no doubt) I decided to take my excess yarn left over from last year's crocheting and make a big rug.  One big rug.

There are other posts elsewhere  -- and I will write a Kindle book on the subject -- about all the disasters and/or lessons that I learned about this topic.  I also have been making rag rugs from leftover quilt strips. And this week I am going back to painting.

But all in all, following the recent death of my dad, I will mostly be ruminating and my New Year's resolutions include doing more writing and less Facebooking.  So the posts here will most likely become a diary of sorts, on topics ranging from new projects to issues I am facing.

This turned into a wall hanging, I think.

Stay tuned.

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