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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Catching up on ought-to-do's

Since I have been working with my stash of yarn, and at the same time clearing out things to donate, I have decided to spend part of this day reviewing my fabric stash, separating the quilting strips from bundles of fabric.  I like to have things where I can find them, but it is getting ridiculous in my tiny bedroom with everything in arm's reach or close to it.  Some of this will fill the drawers of my refinished chest.

Antique Chest

One of the things I got from my parents' home was a chest of drawers that has a story of its own.  I painted it -- it is now its third color -- in two tones of blue.  This chest was part of a bedroom set my parents bought when they married, and it probably came from Sears.  That makes it an antique, I suppose, purchased in the '40s.

The bedroom set was originally a mahogany color, and when I was a teenager it was passed on to me, and I painted it apple green to match the wallpaper in my bedroom.  When I left home, my mother reclaimed it and painted it a peach color.  I photographed the knobs before I finished this new incarnation of the chest, as a reminder of its history.

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