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Monday, May 12, 2014

Grandmother's House

This latest creation is based on the last home my grandparents lived in.  Boy, did I learn a lot making this one.   It is 5" wide by 7" deep, and is scaled at 1"=4'.  It has a "composition" roof and is pier and beam. It even has a porch with wood stain.  There are more windows on the other side, not shown.

 Lots of mistakes, lots of "I should have done this first" events, and it still needs some touches before I could ever offer it for sale.  The next one will be a lot easier.  (She says.)  But at my age, I am so slow at anything.

My grandmother loved this house, because it was the only one she ever owned.  My grandfather had been a tenant farmer all his life, therefore they had lived in other people's houses although they only had to move twice. She died in 1985, I think, and the house was sold for $10,000.

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