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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March is here already

This year is busy, but I wanted to talk a bit more about the Make the Cut software for cutters and laser engravers. The latest version is available for download, and whenever you buy this product, you get all updates for FREE! It is definitely well worth the price (and more.) The latest tweaks make it even better than Corel Draw in many ways. You can import any files you may have created in Corel Draw if you export them as svgs, you can import jpegs and trace them within Make the Cut, and you can do node editing very very easily. It automatically joins points within a certain range, which is something Corel Draw certainly will not do for you. But don't worry about it... there is a free webinar every Tuesday night, and they are recorded on Vimeo so you can access them at any time if Tuesday is not convenient for you. I have a Pazzles cutter now, and I alternate from using the Pazzles Pro software to the MTC. I think MTC is infinitely better but sometimes I have a Pazzles file at the ready and I just get lazy and use that instead. However, the latest update to MTC will now import wpc files (Pazzles files) also. If you have any cutter (other than Cricut) you definitely want to get this software.

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