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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Got some help today....

Now finally all my UFOs have been photographed... so I can decide which one to work on next!  It was great to get help from my daughter (and her less-cluttered brain) to figure this process out.  So I will post some of these started-but-not-yet-finished art quilts.  Some will be re-cut and sewn to others, but most will have beads and fibers added before they are considered finished and ready for Etsy!

It's a quiet Sunday, and this week I found some fabulous fibers online and can't wait to see all the finished projects I have in my head turned into real pieces of art.  Last night I painted fabric until 2 a.m. with Sharpies and alcohol... amazing what tools I already have for the ideas I am finding in books on altered surfaces.  Matte medium?  Check.  Rubber stamps?  Check.  Rubbing plates?  Check.  Fabrics for transfer and inkjet printing?  Check.  Fabric paints and acrylic mediums?  Check and check.  So... back to work!

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