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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school, and back to the studio for me...

I am planning to continue working on my art quilts, but also have some large collage paintings planned; all that stuff couldn't be brought into the house for the summer, so I will be spending most of my days in the studio starting next Monday.  The only problem is there's no bathroom out there, so that forces me to take breaks, otherwise I probably never would!

Because I am part of a collage group on Yahoo, I have collected some marvelous papers sent from all over the country and, actually some from Australia as well.  I can't wait to put them into paintings combined with my wood ornaments and maybe even some wax.

Journaling again would be nice, too.  I haven't done much of that this summer because I have been cutting strips of fabric and sewing them, then cutting them back up again; it's a new strip quilting method I really like.  Last night I spent a lot of time needle-felting fibers into some of the squares, and applying beads here and there.  I much prefer my own hand-painted fabric to commercial fabrics, but that doesn't mean I haven't accumulated yards and yards of the other stuff.

I'll have great pictures to show soon.  I hope.

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