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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Found a fun thing!

If you are like me, every morning you are deluged by emails from people and companies whose products you have either browsed or purchased.  I have a filter program which allows me to quickly unsubscribe if I want, but there are some I'm addicted to looking at!  And I'm always interested in what new products are being presented.

I couldn't resist clicking on the link to see what on earth a "stamper's secret weapon" might be.  I'm not much of a stamper, but curiosity is something I was born with.  Lo and behold, I found a product that is -- I'm sure by accident -- perfect for parchment craft!  It is shown to the right of this post... and I found it at Amazon.

This pad is soft on one side (can be used for embossing) and has a surface on the back side that can be used for perforating.  Now, please understand that this is NOT the professional grade product that I sell from PCA in my store... but it is something you can toss into your bag or your car to have handy for emergency parching while you're waiting for someone, or keep in your bedroom for late night parching practice if you are a beginner as I certainly am.  And if it gets beat up with this new use, you haven't broken the bank!

Of course it is a perfect surface for stamping (what it was designed for) but since my mind is always on parchment craft lately, it was a "eureka" moment for me.  I'm going to try to get this product into my store, but if you want one for now, please click on the Amazon link at the right... and of course, I'll get a tiny commission.  It's lightweight and easy to handle, and is even a good surface for the adult coloring that everyone seems to be doing these days,

Get one and try it!

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