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Sunday, January 17, 2016

So much to play with, so little time.... random thoughts

As I re-re-organize after completing a major project, I always find things I forgot I had.
Not as messy as it looks!

I found a big stock of white tissue paper that I've probably had for a long time, and decided to cover all those little boxes I saved from Christmas.  Each time someone got a small technology gift or something else with a clever box, I grabbed it and so this week was the time to either cover them, paint them, or toss them.

I decided to spray paint the tissue paper until it was soggy, then let it dry overnight.  I cut or ripped it up into pieces and using ModPodge, covered all the little boxes I could find.  For now, I just have them stacked around the studio (space is still at a premium) until I decide to use them as containers.

Even with labels, I have trouble finding things that are not in clear containers, so I'm not sure yet how I will use them.  Some will hold finished greeting cards, some will be shipped off with craft packs I am making up, and some will stay around just for decoration.

While I was on my ModPodging projects, I covered a cheap wood frame that I had bought years ago for a future project, so that I could display the photo of my little doggies, both of whom passed away from old age within the last several years.  They were my studio companions for a long time and just recently I decided to get another little friend and adopted a Mini-Aussie rescue, a 7-year-old female named Lady.  She is what is called a "velcro-dog" so she stays with me every minute.  I need that.  It gives me someone to talk to besides myself as I work.
Lady, my Mini-Aussie

It is hard to organize things without getting distracted ... there's a diorama kind of thing I started a long time ago, and now have ideas how to finish; there's another frame to cover; there's some new spray paints I got from Lindy's Stamp Gang that I had never tried; there are others I don't like much that I'd just like to use up... but whenever I get diverted into "making stuff" I get further behind in the organizing mode.

On that topic, I found that the Lindy's sprays just kind of spurt... and I got ink all over myself.  So having a large quantity of spray bottles on hand that I bought once from eNasco, I transferred the ink to them.  (Maybe it's just my particular package, but I really am disappointed in them and won't buy them again.)

I installed some hooks for a dowel so I could put all my ribbons in order.  I finally finished the 2015 art journal that is now ready for binding.  I read the other blogs every morning and get even more ideas and that too, gets me off on another tangent!

Ribbons on dowel, hooked to shelf. See the shower curtain hooks in the photo?

I use a lot of shower curtain hooks (cheap, about $1 or so at lots of places) to hang supplies wherever I can.  I see all the craft room pictures on Pinterest and am amazed at the space people seem to have. I know that I am fortunate to have a 240 square foot studio just devoted to my toys, but I have NO wall space for the cubes I see in photos, or even more bookcases or drawers.  I installed a few new shelves and am eliminating as much wasted space as I can, but I have learned that if I put things away, I will forget to use them.  That's why I have so much "stuff."

I bought the Fuse and the little Heidi Swapp Minc foiling/laminator machine this month.  Both are helping me finish the albums I need to complete, which starts me on a rekindled desire to make more mini-albums.  The Fuse helps to seal up little packs of sequins so that I can see them through my plexiglass table top. And I filled a few little jars with glycerin and sequins just to look at or give away.  And the foil looks great added to my parchment projects.  Of course now I'm looking for a toner pen that seems to be out of stock everywhere!

Valentine's Day... Are you ready?

Parchment with gold foil.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, don't forget to order your embossing templates now!

Moving on....

I built a folding screen for the studio to block out the sight of the painting area when I'm not painting, and have had trouble covering it the way I want to; I used Contac paper and stapled it to the frame, but the edges don't please me, so next is to add white Duck tape to all the edges.  I am tempted to spray colors of paint on it, but I know the blank surface is really what I needed to break up the view of "stuff."

And on top of all that, my new KNK Force arrived on Friday, so I have devoted time to getting that set up, and putting my KNK Zing Air on Amazon for sale.  The Force is a brand new type of cutter that can engrave and cut things the other cutters can't, so I know that means I will be making more stencils, templates, and engraving all the metal tags I have left over from my laser engraving business.  In addition, I have more woodworking projects in mind...

My idea is to gradually use up all the materials I have on hand, thus the idea of creating craft packs for senior centers, or maybe even for sale, because there's no way I have enough time left in my lifetime to use everything myself.  And I refuse to trash things that can be used by somebody!

Time to get to the studio and get busy!

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