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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So after Christmas cards, what shall I make?

As I have said before, I am fascinated with little houses.  Little houses to live in, little houses made of clay, of wood, and this week I'm making them of paper.  These are only about 3"x3".

Last night I made three little houses of parchment.  That's even more fun, because the doors, facings, shutters and other decorations can be embossed while the little house is still flat.  I figured that out when I made one of chipboard, and then later was gluing on doors and shutters... it takes a pair of tweezers and steady hands.  So the next ones get all that before the folding and the gluing! (Sometimes I'm slow at figuring out things.)

I have lots of templates for little houses, but I found one on Pinterest that I really, really like.  I have cut several from cardstock and chipboard on my Pazzles, and embossed by hand three of them last night from parchment.  As I work, I think of new things to add to each.  The paper houses are difficult to keep "square" so I do that with another piece of paper sized to the floor, glued from the top before the roof is added.  Before I cut more, I am going to add the floor to the original piece.

The cardstock houses have Duralar clear plastic windows, and I designed the shutters and rooftop with Corel Draw.  Obviously the chipboard houses are the most sturdy, and then I paint them and add glitter (or not).  One has snow (white embossing powder) and one has "grass" (Flower Soft.)  It would be easy to add a battery-powered tea light inside.  I am thinking of spray painting one with the mirror spray paint I bought for no reason.

I got a catalog from Nasco and among all the pages of paper products, I saw patterns that include roofing, bricks, etc.  The only problem is the patterns are on glossy paper.  Glossy isn't my thing.
Then I remembered I can do the same thing in CorelDraw, and design what I want for the house as I go.  I'm not doing this in mass quantity!  But Nasco is a great place to get nearly everything for crafting, and they sell in quantity for classrooms.

I saw some things in that catalog that I nearly ordered -- but I stopped myself!  First, I need to finish finding proper places for the thousands of dollars of "stuff" I have already!

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