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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have you tried embossing on parchment?

I only began seriously trying to make greeting cards earlier this year.  I have a mailing list for the extras, as it seems there are many groups operating to mail cards to various people, whether they are residents of nursing homes or hospitals, some even to people actively serving in the military.  I find that I make a new card for specific friends of mine rather than drawing from the stack of premade cards I have done.

Lately I have tried my hand at embossing on Pergamano parchment.  This stuff is not cheap!  I can do a few patterns at a time, and am experimenting with mounting them but haven't yet mastered the art of making one as beautiful as those found on Pinterest, but I am always certain I'll get there.

I have purchased the proper tools, one at a time, and already have misplaced one that I really use a lot.. but I am certain it is someplace in my bedcovers, since that's where I do most of this as I watch tv at night.  Lots to do, so little time!

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