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Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Solstice....

Now that we have apparently survived the passage into a new era of some sort, I am making big plans for the coming year. Or perhaps better described as making small plans. I really resolve to try and slow down a bit . The first change is that I will be closing the Etsy store, and de-emphasizing my retailing. I will no doubt keep making stuff, however. I have started a local meet-up group for art journaling, and offer classes for a very small fee including supplies. Journaling, particularly art journaling, is excellent therapy for anyone of any age and I am sold on the activity. The time of the New Year has always been for me a quiet time to reflect, and sometimes to be amazed at the changes in my life during the year just past, and to marvel at the possibilities to come. And at my age, to be ever aware of abilities as well as limitations. I do enjoy sewing from time to time, and am finding pleasure in fiber arts, painting my own fabrics for use in quilting. I have just finished two large quilts but I expect to put more focus on small ones for wall decor, and will share photos from time to time. I have learned a lot from books, such as those by Rebekah Meier, and more on quilt art from Rayna Gillman. Happy 2013, everyone.

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