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Friday, June 1, 2012

Consolidation has its virtues...

I find that I am a very visual creature.  With ADD.  So, if I have two or three blogs and three websites, this is becoming a problem!  So look for me to try to narrow these all down to one or two.  Maybe just one.  So, I have chosen Blogger, since it seems to be the one that Google prefers and keeps sending my videos to. 

I will be developing the Etsy shop (Collage Art Emporium) more this summer, so you can see and order if you want, my hand-made albums.  I am having a wonderful time learning them and incorporating my mixed-media techniques, acrylic painting and sewing all into one project at a time.

Please follow me by email and I promise not to bore you!  It will be much more fun than Twitter.

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